Campaign Introduction and Party

D&D 3.5 Campaign 2 Intro And Party

After much consternation, I finally return to DMing. The group restructured and those who still wanted to play opted to return to the system with which they were mostly familiar. I didn’t want to pick up right where the last campaign left off but I also didn’t want to write wholly new material. It’s work, you know?

So, I moved the setting forward 30 years. We’ll have call backs and such to the previous campaign because continuity is awesome. We’re also starting out in Rogarn, the only city the previous campaign never went to.


It is the 82nd year of the new Imperial calendar. The first half of the century was marred by conflict. It dawned at the end of a civil war that saw the installation of Emperor Sevicus. Decades in to his reign, the Redheim region rebelled. Martial law was imposed there for the next ten years with the region continually threatening to bubble over again. There was also, of course, The Abyssal War, the name of the conflicts that closed out the 50th year of the century.

The Abyssal War began when an enigmatic figure calling himself the Slayer installed himself as leader of the denizens of the Underdark. Drow, Duergar, Sverfneblin, and Orcs allied and forged a disciplined fighting force calling itself the Exercitus Liberatur and then surged up against the surface world. They raided small villages and finally consolidated their forces on the city of Harlowe; taking it and putting to death all its inhabitants. The battle that resulted saw Emperor Sevicus dead and the Slayer unleash ancient demonic forces which slaughtered both Imperial and Liberatur forces alike. Harlowe was consumed as a great fortress of Obsidian was wrenched from its home plane to serve as the Slayer’s base of operations. The Slayer’s demonic forces were soon joined by a great flight of dragons.

The winter was long and cold. Hope was in short supply. But, allies emerged. Bahamut, god of metallic dragons, allied himself to the Imperial cause and brought with him numerous metallic dragons. Survivors of the Exercitus Liberator treated for peace and also agreed to fight. A soldier of the deceased Emperor’s honor guard, Tiberius Avian, was made the new Emperor. Thanks to the effort of numerous heroes in a pitched battle, the Slayer was killed. The Slayer’s demons were exorcised and the his dragons put to flight by an opposing force of metallic dragons. The people looked to rebuilding their broken homes.

There was much to do. Over the next 30 years, much was accomplished. The population recovered from its decimation during the war and has flourished in the time since. Trade resumed. The new era ushered in a renaissance. The assistance of the Mage’s guild during the war, as well as the deaths of numerous Underdark denizens and demons, has flooded the market with magic items. They are now almost commonplace.

The senate was wiped out in the final stages of the war. The massive casualties of the conflict caused a paradigm shift. No longer was the senate only open to landed gentry. Middle class and, occasionally, ambitious lower class people found their way in to governance. The Emperor himself was a man-of-the-people and for once there was little grumbling at how things were run.

Other things went more slowly. The Obsidian Cathedral was jaunted back to its home plane leaving the twisted, smoldering wreckage of Harlowe behind. It has yet to be rebuilt. The area is largely a tented bazar and still serves the city’s former role of trading hub. The survivors of the Exercitus Liberatur formed a small settlement outside the city of Redheim under the watchful gaze of the city’s triumvirate, primarily councilman Moat. Tensions remain high between them and the surface dwellers, however.

The Empire is never in perfect equilibrium. Six years past a great meteor struck the land in the north near Rogarn. Agents of the Spire were on it almost immediately and the clean up was relatively swift. Rumors spread that the meteor was a sign of disfavor from Zarus, the sun god before Pelor supplanted him. Zarus was a cruel, capricious, and racist deity. The meteor has given him a sizeable cult following amongst humans.

The enduring peace of the previous decades may yet be unmade. From the darkness, eyes are watching. Plotting.


Player 1/ Paup the Half-Orc Hexblade: Player 1, after running a magic-user and a rogue, was looking for a different experience. She’s opted for a Hexblade this time, leaning well toward the fighter-end of the spectrum. Paup isn’t very smart but makes up for it with enthusiasm as well as the monkey-grip feat to wield an immense greataxe.

Player 10/Bub the Half-Orc Fighter: Player 10 has gone with a fighter who’ll be specializing in sundering, I believe. Bub is Paup’s twin sister and their dynamic is pretty funny. They act like bickering siblings. Like Paup, Bub has also opted to use the monkey-grip feat. He wields a large sized hammer in battle.

Player 6/Aerina the Human Bard: In player 6’s continuing development as a roleplayer, she’s opted for a high-charisma character. We’ll see how she uses it. She’s going to specialize in throwing weapons and we’ve worked out a way for her to use a Xena-style chakram eventually with a few caveats. The major one of which is that she’ll need to spend money to get it enchanted with the returning property elsewise the weapon is somewhat useless.

Player 11/Senex the Halfling Rogue: Player 11 is new to the group. He has a background in World of Darkness games and the care he took in making a backstory for Senex shows it. He’s very much a roleplayer. He’s emerging as the party leader and is adapting well to the party’s chaotic tendencies.


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